Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Drop-off mentality of parenting

I couldn't agree more with the assessment in the paragraph below. Its the modern drop-off mentality of parenting: Drop your kids off for soccer practice, drop them off for piano lessons, drop them off for school, drop them off for spiritual matters...

Teaching in a Christian school for the past four years has shown that there are many parents (not all) hoping to provide spiritual nourishment for their children because they are not investing God's word into them at home.


"Let me exhort you, parents as much as lieth in you, to give your children sound instruction in the great doctrines of the gospel of Christ. I believe that what Irving once said is a great truth. He said, "In these modern times you boast and glory, and you think yourselves to be in a high and noble condition, because you have your Sabbath-schools and British-schools, and all kinds of schools for teaching youth. I tell you," he said, "that philanthropic and great as these are they are the ensigns of your disgrace; they show that your land is not a land where parents teach their children at home. They show you there is a want of parental instruction; and though they be blessed things, these Sabbath-schools, they are indications of something wrong, for if we all taught our children there would be no need of strangers to say to our children 'Know the Lord.'" -Charles Spurgeon