Friday, October 19, 2007

Christians & Movies

Two incorrect (and yet extremely common) views regarding Christians viewing "secular" films:

a. It doesn't matter what you see (i.e. your relationship with Christ doesn't influence your decision to view or not to view it)


b. A movie's moral quality is determined by the rating (i.e. PG, PG-13, R, etc...).

While I think the ratings are helpful in guidance, sometimes it seems that Christians promote clean rated films with an overall message that glorifies sin. Which would you rather watch: a film that is rated R (due to violence & cussing, etc...) but has an overall message of redemption and value, or a film that is rated PG, but has an overall message of presenting sin in positive light?

Screenwriter Barbara Nicolosi recently stated:

"[A] film should also be judged according to its message. What does the movie want you to believe? Is what it's telling you the truth or a lie? If the latter, then it's a bad film, no matter how good the technique may be."