Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Daily Tragedies

The BBC reports this morning that gunmen in Iraq killed 29 villagers. This is on the heels of yesterday's events in which 80 people were killed by a bomb in the town of Kirkuk.

It seems every morning when I wake up, there's a fresh number of people who have been killed and Hell awaits most of these people.

I have small group with a group of guys tonight, and we're studying through Ephesians. Tonight we're talking about 2:1-10. I told them it would be the best thing they've heard all summer. After reading it this morning, and thinking through the news, I'm even more convinced that its the best thing we'll hear this summer. Verse 3 says that we were by nature children of wrath, even as the rest (by rest, that means everybody...people here, people in Iraq, etc...). But then comes the Gospel in two words in verse 4, "But God!" God, rich in mercy & love extends His grace & kindness to us who have done nothing deserving of love!

May God's mercy, love, grace & kindness be upon Iraq,