Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Summer Reading (Part 1)

The Summer is a great opportunity for me to get more reading done, since I'm a teacher. Here are some of the recommended books:

I've been reading this book for several months now. Its one of those that I don't read in order...A great book on the Biblical portrait of Christ

I ordered a bunch of Puritan books right after Christmas, and this is one that I've been reading recently. I highly recommend reading the Puritans, especially John Owen's "The Glory of Christ" and "The Mortification of Sin"

Mark Buchanan is a skilled warrior with words. This isn't my favorite of his books, but he seriously could write about anything and it would be good. If you've never read him, I recommend reading "Things Unseen"

This is an insightful book about youth culture. Its almost like he's writing from their perspective.