Saturday, July 28, 2007

The truth will set you free

I'm teaching on John 8:31-36 this Sunday, focusing on the two key terms: truth and freedom. Both terms within our culture have been saturated with false meanings. Truth is seen as being subjective, and freedom is seen as a license to do whatever we want to do. I love the way Spurgeon explains freedom from this passage:

"'The truth shall make you free.' You shall be free from your own prejudices, prides, and lusts. You shall so free from the fear of man...The truth known within your spirit shall make a free man of you. Hitherto you have been the bondsman of self. You have enquired, "What will this thing profit me?" and thus the desire of self-aggrandizement has ruled everything; but when Jesus is your Lord you shall be free from this sordid motive. "The truth shall make you free"; this is a noble saying. Oh, the liberty that comes into the soul through believing on Jesus, who is the truth! It makes life to be life indeed when this freedom is enjoyed."

The truth sets us free from the enslaving impulses of our sinful desires!