Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Helen Roseveare

I just finished reading "Though Lions Roar: The Story of Helen Roseveare." Its a remarkable story of a missionary doctor to the Congo. One of the most impacting aspects of the book was the humility of this incredible woman. Its a good book and it doesn't take long to read...

Here's an excerpt from one of my favorite sections of the book:

"She prayed this prayer in all sincerity: "Please go on working in me until I really am transformed into the image of Your Son. Today I mean this, with ever ounce of my being, but when You start doing it, and the stirring hurts, and I feel I can't take any more, maybe I'll cry out to You to stop. Please, when that happens, don't listen to my cry to stop, but just remember my vow today to be available to You, and just go on working away at me to make me like You want me to be."