Friday, July 27, 2007

Summer Reading (Part 4)

Here are the last of the books that I'm reading at present:

This is short biography of William Wilberforce who fought for years for the abolition of slavery in Britain. If you haven't seen the film "Amazing Grace", its excellent, and I highly recommend it.

I bought this book (and the one below) in part to stay culturally aware of some of the popular Christian books among college students. This guy is similar to Don Miller. So far in the book, I'm not very impressed with it. It definitely has some good points about relationship with Christ, but at times the guy sounds a little gnostic.

This book has been a great read thus far. I find it to be a good assessment of where we live, and probably true of a lot of the Bible belt: that Jesus is part of the periphery of life rather than the centrality of it.

I also bought "A Baptist Catechism." The question-answer style of catechisms are helpful in teaching and thinking through doctrine.