Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Jesus of Suburbia

From Mike Erre's book, "The Jesus of Suburbia":

"My contention is this: Much of what passes for modern, Western Christianity isn’t of Jesus...

...The suburban Jesus would never be so offensive as to demand that we do what he says: he is more interested in the security, comfort, and prosperity of his followers. In short, much of the message of American Christianity presents Jesus as the purveyor of the American Dream.

Such a counterfeit can never stand against the real thing. Perhaps the church has been lulled into complacency by years of the very things we point to as proofs of God’s blessing upon America: religious freedom and material abundance. We have never really embraced the message and movement of Jesus Christ as a call to revolution. Instead, we have gotten comfortable with a watered-down, whitewashed, religiously safe version of him. Like many others, I have begun to realize my own idolatry and cowardice in this regard."